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Removing Order Completion

I am writing this message to address ORDER COMPLETIONS. I am aware that buyers are unable to see the order completion rating, but what they can see are the “level badges” which can be affected by order completion rates. Yes, completing an order is providing good service and can make it more likely for customers to return, but there are other factors that must be considered.
As a seller, I would not agree to an order that my skills cannot accomplish. I don’t want to knowingly submit an order that I know is not what the buyer is looking for --thus I think it’s right to cancel an order, so that they may find a seller more capable.
Sometimes there are buyers that ask for more than what is described, and even through a resolution center, it is still not sufficient, so an order must be cancelled. The buyer gets refunded, but the seller gets penalized through the order completion rating, even if the decision to cancel was mutual and well mannered.
Finally, there are order requests that sellers may be uncomfortable completing, or find offensive, for religious, or even just moral reasons, and so may feel the need to cancel an order. For as community based Fiverr is, who care a lot about the experience of buyers, sellers should also have the right to refuse service they find impossible, unfair, or morally questionable, without being penalized for it.

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Unless the way cancellations work is changed, you could put a “please contact me before ordering” type message in the gig description of any gig you’d want them to do that in. That way you’d be more likely to be able to check what they want you to do before they make the order and let them know if there’s any problem doing what they want. That could help prevent orders you don’t want to work on starting (though some may still order without contacting you). But that might reduce the number of orders you get for the gigs you put that message on.

Also you could add Q&As in the FAQ sections or description saying more specifically what you will/won’t do in the gig, so they’d be more likely to know before they decide to order.