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Removing order samples from my gig page


Fiverr automatically adds voice samples from orders I have finished if the buyers says is ok, which I didn’t have a problem with until now. I recently have had orders which have been borderline content I am ok with but is definitely not content I want to advertise. I can’t find anywhere on how to remove them.

The most recent problem of this posted was from 2018 and I was hoping they updated this by now because the answer was basically “no, you can’t remove it” and that seems crazy to me.


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I don’t think you can. I do think some of those samples were… ball bustingly hilarious, though xD

Oh boy. Yeah that’s the one.:sweat_smile:
I have contacted fiverr to see what they can do, because that is a very silly gig design.

Next time deliver the file zipped. Fiverr can’t process that to put it in the portfolio.