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Removing unlimited images backgrounds for only $5
As many images

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Dude, you are on very wrong way. Bad buyers will exploit the hell out of you.

Who would do that and why would they do that ? tell me more man i need to hear from you if there’s a negative side on fiverr

I have about 3000 images to get the background removed.

is this possible?

It is most definitely possible. It literally says unlimited :smiley:

I was just a joke.

I don’t need this actually.

You should know that working so many images, would take so much time. You spend energy, time, and internet fees.

At the end you would be paying, instead earning, to remove so many images background.

Also, the images you used for your portfolio seems to be really poor work done (maybe using automatic tools).

I’m sorry but giving unlimited service for limited price it nonsense.

I have more than 10.000 sales here, and I have never give unlimited services.

Anyway, giving so much service for so low price, there is only one thought about this. Low quality

Way to go xD you got me there for a second though thanks for telling me this man i’m taking notes already… Yeah you probably are right but i’m actually doing both methods automatic and manually so it’s kind of tough, what do you think what should i do to improve the gig you see before your eyes i mean unlimited services is already out of my list but what do you think what should i do to make a better gig your opinion matters from you we learn thanks in advance :smiley:

I was just in your profile reading topics i kind of have a vision now.Thanks a bunch