Removing "What industry does this relate to"


For the past couple of months, when people have bought gigs from me, I see this new question/answer thing in my Requirements section - what industry does this relate to?

This always confuses my clients, because we’ve already talked about the order and now here “I” am (supposedly) asking them “What industry does this relate to” as if I don’t already know.

Is this an “improvement” that we can get Fiverr to remove?

Also, can we get them to remove the word “Hey” from, “Hey, before I can start work I need to know the following info.”

Does that word irritate anyone else, or is it just me?


Hey, Omni:

Hey doesn’t really bother me, but I can tell you’ve I asked Support twice to remove that question about industry.

Maybe if enough people respond to this thread they will take action.

Thank you,


This is one of those things I keep meaning to ask CS about, but haven’t done so yet. I agree, it is extremely annoying, and I would love to see it removed. I’m glad I’m not the only one with questions popping up in the requirements section that I didn’t put there.


Upvoting for awareness. That thingy needs to go.


Laughs. And please the ‘Nudge nudge’ too, if we´re at it already. :wink: I would love to be able to personalize those texts (maybe with character limit so they won´t get much longer than they are now), then everyone who wants to keep the ‘hey’ could do so, and the others could choose more to their tastes, but I guess the idea to make those messages the same throughout helps to keep buyer confusion lower, if so, it´s fine to me. But I´d still prefer at least a more neutral ‘Hello’, the ‘Hey’ sounds a bit like the nice ‘Get to work and don´t be late!’ we sellers get. :wink: I suppose it´s meant in a friendly and not impolite way of course, but yes. :slight_smile:

The industry-question, there were several forum-threads already on it, including ‘Site Suggestions’, and if Blaise says he asked CS already about it, I suppose others have too, so not too hopeful there but still leaving a heart here.
I could swear though that I had an order coming through where someone hadn´t filled it out, but still, if that question is here to stay, I´d like it marked as a ‘question from fiverr, not from your seller’ or something.


I would like to know this as well, I thought it had been there always as I just joined over a month ago. I will send a ticket as well :slight_smile:


this is 100% for Fiverr’s benefit.

they are trying to see which categories bring i the most dough, so they can focus on them, and at the same time I’m assuming they need to create some ad options as well.


They should be able to measure that in another way instead of showing it as a requirement in a GIG.


yes they should. I still find it hilarious that we all found out on our own that that was placed there.

I had buyers asking me about it and I was of course stumped.

It’s nice for Fiverr to change/add/remove things as far as the ordering process goes and not give sellers a heads up.


I was curious and looked at my completed gigs, all buyers seem to dutifully fill it out, even though sometimes I´m not sure if they care what they tick, but I don´t care either ; ) but I was sure one hadn´t and found the order, and since it´s a return buyer I looked up his past few orders too and he never filled it out, so it seems while it might confuse some buyers, it isn´t a mandatory requirement at least, and we can tell buyers who have no idea how to fill it out to just ignore it. I haven´t been asked about it myself yet.


I’ve been explaining to them that I didn’t put that question there because sometimes the buyer starts out by sounding annoyed and irritated by that question, thinking I am the one asking it.
Not a good way to start off the buyer/seller relationship.


The question is aimed at gathering information on the type of users on the platform. No doubt this will be used to focus marketing into sectors where Fiverr is most used. I am all for a move towards more targeted marketing so I have no issue with them asking buyers questions like this. It would have been nice to know in advance but it doesn’t really affect us anyway.
As Miiila says, it can be ignored if users don’t want to respond to it.
As for the other points, the “Nudge, Nudge” thing is horrible, I have only used it once and never will again now that I know what it says.
The Resolution Center could do with some work too, I hate that it shows up as a bright red “dispute”.


For me, I have a gig where I sell a pre-written product. Many times, people who order this pre-written product see that question and think, “Oh, she’ll write me a customized report based on my industry” - because why else would I ask for it?

So then they write some long involved story of what they’re trying to do…to which I have to reply, “Sorry, I don’t do customized reports…”

That’s what irks me - that Fiverr makes it seem like we the sellers are asking this question when actually it’s them! Somehow they should put in a sentence like, “For Fiverr admin benefit, what industry is this for.” Would save me a lot of trouble!

And of course - they should start asking us before they arbitrarily put these questions - or anything - into our gigs.

I don’t actually frequent these forums that much, so I wasn’t sure if it had been announced beforehand or not. Seems like they didn’t bother to announce it. It had come as a total surprise to me when my customers, 2 months ago, started giving me all this info I didn’t need or want. I didn’t remember adding in a “What industry does this project relate to” question and thought I was losing my mind - until it occurred to me Fiverr just arbitrarily did it on its own.


Oh, yes, I hate that “dispute” thing.

Another thing I hate is when an order is late. Sure, 5% of the time the lateness is my fault. For the other 95%, it’s my clients, and I really, really dislike getting snarky little reminders about “Oh, this is late, this is getting ridiculous,” etc. etc. as if I’m a child who doesn’t know how to run a professional business - or communicate with my clients if I am going to be late for any reason.


Hmmm, I hadn’t thought of that possibility. I am sure it may affect other people in the same way. That would definitely lead to a bad user experience for the buyer which I think Fiverr would care a lot about. Especially so because there is an easy fix for it, to mark it as separate from the gig.
You should clearly explain that to CS and possibly put it in the Site Suggestions category here.


Now that´s a really good argument against it, or at least for them clearly marking it as their question, not ours.


It once or twice helped me when the customer filled in this form. It shows a little bit about how they see themselves, and as a writer that can be useful.

But all above is valid and I support deleting the question.


Dear Omni:

This conversation prompted me to check my records.

I believe I first contacted Support about this issue around November 2, 2016:

And this is the response I got:

I’ve basically been ignoring it since then, but I did raise the issue again in the past week or so. This time, they just ignored that part of my support ticket.

The main reason I had contacted them was because someone in the Fiverr Forum contacted me on Fiverr asking me for free stuff. (This is the main drawback of my participation on the Fiverr Forum, as my response rate has dropped below 100% AT LEAST 3 TIMES BECAUSE OF PEOPLE DOING THIS.)

When I first became a Level 1 Seller, I had been averaging 1 sale per day, but once my Response Rate dropped below 100% the first time, my sales dropped off a cliff, and they have never recovered.

I immediately reported that person, but a day or so later, my response rate dropped to 91%.

I contacted Fiverr Support with both issues, and they reset my Response Rate to 100%, with a reminder to be sure to report spam as spam within 24 hours (which is what I had done in the first place).

So in addition to my remarks about the industry question, this is a reminder to Fiverr Forum folks, to please, please, PLEASE:

Never contact a Fiverr Forum Participant on Fiverr unless you are contacting them as a customer who intends to purchase something, as opposed to as a Seller asking another Seller for FREE STUFF.

Pretty please with sugar on top,


Yes this function is completely annoying. Lot´s of my customers think, that these are keywords. It should be implemented another way or deleted imo.


The first time I saw that question, I too thought my seller was asking. I remember thinking to myself, “How odd, nothing on this list is related to what I am ordering.”

BTW, the last two orders I placed, (DEC 31st & JAN 2nd) did NOT asked that question. Perhaps they listened and got rid of it.?.?.?