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Rename Buyers Request to "Looking for sellers"


I think our fellow sellers who are having trouble with English don’t understand what buyers request means. Some of them think that it’s the place where you can request buyers for your gigs :slight_smile:

Of course, there are sellers who spam everywhere, but there are sellers who simply don’t understand what it means. On other platforms, it clearly stated “Looking for freelancers” or “Find freelancers”. I know it sounds dumb, but I’ve seen it couple of times where sellers think that it’s the place to request buyers.

Why sellers post on buyer request i got it

or go with the NEW tagline:

“Looking for DOers”


Doesn’t sound dumb to me at all. Clear wording with the least possible room for misunderstandings absolutely would make sense there.
Yes, I know, only if people read, but it won’t cost much to try if it helps.


Then again… lol not sure if this for instance would work. But I’m sure staff could figure out something better than buyer request.
I definitely see sellers thinking 'oh great, that’s the place they are looking for freelancers, let me go and show myself to them!'
I do l, alas, think there has to be some mentioning of TOS and account banning to keep people from doing what they do


Right, it doesn’t have to be “looking for sellers” or “find freelancers”, but I think it should be changed to something that everyone can understand.


…and yet, am I the only one who thinks it will still get spammed, no matter what the name is changed to? I’m sure some sellers will still spam even after they know it’s not the place to do so, after all you do get exposure…

Maybe I’m being too negative about this, but I’m sure it’s worth a try. :slight_smile:


No, you’re not the only one, hence my addition that I think ‘the name’ has to include a bright red ‘don’t post yourself here if you’re a seller, you’ll get banned, you have been warned’ with a drawn skull or something. :wink:
Oh and even then… I didn’t post the ‘read about terms like seller and buyer’ in my BR thread to be snarky but because I think some people actually might be confused enough to think they are buyers, because they bid on offers on other sites or whatever. I often see forum posts where buyer and seller get confused, and not all of those are typos.


Hey I’d happily draw that skull, even for free, hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You need to start with baby steps. It’s not a silver bullet, but if a simple name change reduces spam by 5% it’s still better than nothing. It’s not like they need to set up a project for this. It would be just one task in their backlog that they can easily implement :slight_smile:


Well I think stupid sellers will assume it means “Are you looking for sellers” just the same way they think buyers request means “Are you a seller and want to request for buyers”


I can’t see the different between buyers and sellers in the buyer requests nowadays, so I send the offers and hope get the real buyers, but I think there’re too many sellers in the buyer requests :joy:


The Buyers Request name was changed at least once. The posts were a little better but there were a select few that were still trying to advertise their services. Like the Looking for Sellers title but I’m sure some words will disappear in translation.

Which ever new title is selected, it will have to translate well into the languages present on the site and more. Meaning, don’t just do a quickie translation. Enlist the help of translators to properly translate the title into the required language(s).

Hopefully…that will help.



(hint: thai)


I think some of the fiverr staff must think that too, I clearly post I’m looking for a seller, and yet get denied for “advertising my services on fiverr”


Maybe Fiverr could handpick a few jobs in each category and send an email digest to sellers in the relevant niche based on their keywords.


I actually meant the wording, as in uxreview’s idea, but that might be a nice idea too. Though I´m sure lots of people would disagree. :wink: