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Reordering Gigs on your Profile


Now I am not sure if anyone has mentioned this or not, I had a search and saw nothing.

When you look at your profile, you need to be able to see this as a customer. Thankfully all customers are different and want different things. But would it be great if you could reorder what they see on your profile. By putting your stronger gigs at the top they will receive more attention.

The way it is done now is when you upload a new gig it goes to the bottom of your profile. We have just released a load of new gigs that we think are better than some at the top, yet the only option we have to get them to the top of the profile is to suspend all the others. Which is obviously not feasible.

I know Facebook have mastered this tool now, where you can shuffle your pages and groups around in your favorites. This could be similar to the basic frame that would be needed to do this for Fiverr.

Let me know what your thoughts are and give the thread a like if you want Fiverr to notice. :slight_smile:


2 out of 2 not bad!


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Make that 3 out of 3! :slight_smile:


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Reply to @vedmak: Oh fragglerock! My bad. Lol


Cool well I really do think Fiverr need to be thinking how to make their sellers better sellers!!

After all we are paying for the top dogs to eat!


Me too… don’t forget me… :slight_smile: I even tried dragging gigs around and hoped it would work…hehe :-/


One day :slight_smile:


Would love for this to be implemented. Especially for seasonal or targeted gigs.