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Reording a custom gig from a previous buyer - how do I do this

I have used a seller on fiverr and am quite happy with him - he does amazing work at an amazing speed. Recently I contacted him via message through fiverr and asked him how many gigs it would cost to do my custom job. He responded and I sent the money (via fiverr) and then I got an email from fiverr saying that I had violated the terms of service. I have since written to fiverr only to have the email return as it was to a donoreply type address (which I didn’t notice). I do not want to break the rules - but how do I do this? Any help would be appreciated.
Thanking you

Can you copy and paste the exact message you got from fiverr? As you have explained it so far I can’t see any violation unless you said the words Paypal or money, which I understand may trigger an automatic warning of some kind possibly.

I suggest you contact customer support to have this sorted out for you.

yes you should contact customer support and explain all of the situation. im sure they will help you out :slight_smile:
i would also advice you to read the Fiverr’s Terms of Service