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Reort your client

fiverr said me to report one message of my client in which she had asked me about the price.
What possibly can be the reason? I reported the client. Should I work with her after reporting? I know she isn’t a scammer

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Can you screenshot us a message we’re fiverr told you to report a client?

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The automatic moderation system Fiverr has detects in chat when the seller or buyer is attempting to send/ask or request personal information, discussing the price to your buyer is natural. If your buyer or you use any denomination or words which would reference money Fiverr posts a warning, this warning is a heads up, if your doing a legitimate order. it must be with in Fiverr and no other website. This is against the ToS.

I want to ask another question.
My fiverr account has been restricted(not blocked). Will I be able to withdraw my funds after pending clearance?