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Repeat Buyer, but its my first order

Hello, everyone. I am having some doubts. I got my first order(I am very happy about it), but there is a badge of repeat buyer. I am not able to understand how he is my repeat buyer , when its my first order!


He will be able to purchase your service again at any time. That’s why showing this icon.


please elaborate a bit

I am pretty sure that, whenever someone places an order, the buyers status changes to “repeat buyer” for us.

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So what is the exact meaning of this repeat buyer???

I don’t have the answer, but you shouldn’t really be identifying other Fiverr members in these forums. I know you are not alleging anything bad against them, but you might want to edit the image to remove their name.


It’s probably a “display” issue as CS likes to put it these days. And it’s probably nothing to worry about.

It’s like when you get an order from a person who according to fiverr is both “new to fiverr” and a “returning buyer” at the same time.

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Done bro…thanks for the advice…removed the picture…i m new here so i don’t know how the things work here properly

If you’re concerned about this bug confusing you in the event that you actually do have a return buyer, when that notice is on legitimately there is a link to the previous orders and there you can see them.

So you can always confirm if it is real or a bug.