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"Repeat Buyer" icon on first order from me?


I got an order from a buyer and it has an icon that says “Repeat Buyer”. I looked at my orders but I don’t see any previous orders from this buyer. How can this buyer be a repeat buyer if they have never bought from me before? I am I not looking at the right spot?


I noticed that as well, and it’s either a bug, or maybe 1 purchase is enough to consider a buyer a repeat one :smiley:

However, I’m more inclined to think that the repeat buyer icon represents the buyers’ history on Fiverr, like if that buyer ordered multiple times from another seller, he got the “repeat buyer” badge so that you know that you can get him to order more from you as well.


Yeah, this one goes for a while now. If the buyer has open-order with you then you get the repeat icon badge, even if you have to cancel the order, the repeat buyer icon would be still there. Just as Woofy said, one order is enough for the purchase.