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Repeat buyer who is possibly being obnoxious?

So I am writing articles for a buyer who has up to this point been very pleasant. (I have written one article for him already and he left positive feedback). Now we are on our second article. I have delivered the article, which I thought was very well written (even better then the last one). He then rejected the order and told me that it focused too much on a particular aspect of the topic. Now admittedly, it probably did, but still for $4 it was pretty amazing.
He sent me a message that seemed sort of obnoxious because he used capital letter to emphasis something and it just didn’t come across as all that friendly in general. I am kind of feeling pissed since the article was very well done, and I’m not feeling very enthusiastic about revising since I got paid $4 for a lot of work.

Any suggestions as to the best route to take with this?

Thank you!

What’s your modification policy? Do you always provide modifications or do you never provide them? This is just what I would do: I’d redeliver the article with a very polite/congenial note, letting him know that I’m only able to follow the instructions I’m given, and I only provide revisions if I somehow haven’t followed those original instructions. Sometimes I might mention that personal preference isn’t grounds for a refusal of work, but that depends on how snippy the buyer has been with their “criticism.”

Other times, frankly, if the revision is very small (like, once, a buyer wanted me to say “nails and hair” instead of “hair and nails,” which was a ten second find and replace that they frankly should have just been able to do themselves) I’ll just do it. But I don’t think rewriting all or even part of an article that someone has paid $5 for is reasonable.

The main point I’d like to emphasize, however, is that you should always be as polite and congenial as possible. It’ll help remind a prickly buyer that you’re a human.

If there were grammar or spelling mistakes yes correct them.
If he just wanted it written differently then don’t unless you promise that in your gig.
It depends on what your gig says about revisions. You need to be very specific about that in your gig description.

Handy hint:

Customers are actually allowed to change what they want after delivery, even if you do not have a modification policy in place. Say, for example, a customer can order an article. It will then be delivered and say “that is not what i wanted. i changed my mind and forgot to tell you” and ask you to write a completely new article. Fiverr customer support will give you two options:

  1. write a free article
  2. cancel and not get paid for anything

That’s not been my experience at all.