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Repeat client leaving reviews...suspicious?


So I’ve made a recent arrangement to provide continuing services for a client of mine. (Not a recurring, following Fiverr rules, just regular orders).

I’m kind of a middle man, he’s a web designer, I manage email. So his clients pay him, he pays me kind of deal.

I’ve gotten 4 orders thus far and expect more to come. Every order, he leaves a 5* detailed review. I respond to each review in kind.

I’m wondering if any of you have regular clients that do this and if the “Fiverr bot” is going to start flagging my gig for potential review manipulation… Every order I have had has proof of the work being done.

Thanks for the guidance!


Most of my repeat clients don’t bother to leave reviews, which is fine by me.
I think you have enough reviews that it won’t be a concern.


I have several repeat/regular clients who leave reviews, thankfully. If anything, you should be proud of it when people like your work enough to come back (and even take the time to review always). As long as you know it´s all legit, my “guidance” would be *Why care about what others think".

Bot… well, I´ve also seen many people with several reviews by the same person in a row. The more in a row, the more suspicious it may look to others, of course, but if some Fiverr bot would have anything against it, you wouldn´t see it that often.


so sad…dear…


Probably not. At one point in my Fiverr career I was taking a break and only accepting orders from one customer, for whom I did website translations. He probably left about 10 reviews in a row, and it ended up being fine.


Recently, one of my buyers bought 9 video scripts (for 9 different products), and left 9 reviews. No problems at all.


I’ve worked with a client for almost 3 years now. He has ordered 112 orders from me and leaves a review each time (he is that incredible). I haven’t had any warning or odd situations thus far.

So I don’t think there will be a problem. :slight_smile:


I’ve had repeat customers and no review problems — they place an order for me to edit/rewrite/revise a blog article, I do it, they leave a 5* review. Some weeks it’s 3 articles from the same customer, others there’s no order for a while, then 2 more, etc. I don’t see the problem. Fiverr isn’t set up for more than 30 days on 1 order… so they’re a repeat customer. shrugs


Returning buyers are normal. It’s only good, as it shows your service is worth ordering more than once.


No, it’s completely ok as long as you ask them to leave a specific kind of review.
You can ask a buyer to leave a review if everything is ok with the order but you can’t tell them to leave a great, positive, or nice review.