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Repeat experience

I have had repeat experiences with fiver of sellers who obviously cannot speak English and then take the job, only to provide you with rubbish, assit you in missing your own personal deadline and waste your time. In twenty four hours, yet again this has happened. I want to know from Fiver, why I should stay. In the time I have been here it has always been hard to find good and integrity based sellers who can do what they say and do not lie.


Sorry you have had this type of experience but there are lots of incredible sellers here who speak perfect English and do amazing work at very low prices.

Try to find some top rated sellers or ones who have amazing reviews over very long periods of time and you will have better luck.


Nobody here can tell you that - we can’t represent Fiverr - we’re just buyers and sellers like you.


Sometimes buyers confuse sellers with wordy instructions.

Keep it simple and you’ll have less problems.


Check out their profile before you buy. The ratings give a good indication of whether they are up to the task or not. Don’t be afraid to ask a few questions before you get started either. There are some great sellers on Fiverr and some not so great. if you find the right ones then you get high quality work at a fantastic cost.


I assure you that it’s very easy to find a seller with great communication who delivers great work. BUT message the seller to assess that they are able to do what you want. DONT be cheap. Pay $5, get $5 work. And make sure you give ALL the information they need to complete the job you need.

Go with a seller who has good reviews. Don’t bypass them because they aren’t charging $5

Please remember some sellers hate being messaged. Only message those who demand it.


Well those sellers aren’t really fair.

Buyer should be able to contact the seller

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Language is not the main problem !
I know my english is far from perfect but I am an honest seller. If I don’t understand what my buyer wants or if I am not sure to understand exactly what he wants I ask questions.

Absolutely buyers should be able to contact sellers! Some of us don’t need any chit-chat before we start, just the info described in the gig description put into the requirements part of the order page.

Usually a message from a prospective buyer for me means that they haven’t read the description, FAQ etc. looked at the gig images, or watched the video. It can work both ways! :wink:

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Yeah of course don’t get me wrong I’m 100% aware that some buyers send question that would be answered in two seconds if they bothered to read. But I wouldn’t go telling buyers to NOT message sellers unless it’s requested. That’s counter productive. I just wanted to stick up for buyers a bit, they need some support and assurance sometimes.

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Fiverr was designed for people to read a gig title, read a gig description, and place an order.

Messaging is very annoying. All day long I’m getting messages about things I don’t do, I’m being asked questions already answered in the gig.

Buyers who message often end up communicating in the wrong place after they order. Then I have to copy and paste their instructions into the right place, or I have to click “conversation” to see what they want.

Worst of the lot are the buyers who read the gig title but won’t read the packages. So they order the cheapest package thinking this gives them 10 whatever when in reality it gives them 5.

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Well Fiverr is designed to encourage buyer messaging which is why they have the option there. And Fiverr even penalizes you for it if you don’t answer messages. And I’ve seen buyers refunded because the “communication” was bad.

And a lot of issues like purchasing the wrong gig price would be solved if the buyer messages first. It can be annoying, but I’ve dodged a lot of bullets because of it.

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Yes only they rarely read the gig description.

They see the title, see $5 and hit the BUY button and disappear. Sometimes you can counteract some of this with a message or two. You can either offer a higher priced gig, or get rid of the truly annoying ones with the same thing.

I believe this might be happened with the newbie. They answered completely different of what they have asked

I know what you mean:

We are waiting for the buyer to submit the requirements.
Until then, the countdown for this order will not start.
Reminder Sent
I have all the information I need

I love that last line, sometimes I click on it to get the order started. Assuming the buyer has messaged the information already.

I do, but even then, there are buyers that buy and forget.


Yes this is one problem.

I do web research and had one buyer once who gave me bullet list of what I should be doing.

  • Go to this website
  • Search this thing
  • Create report of results containing THIS or THAT

I Finished up the project, it was $50 task.
After I submitted he rejected and said there is very few results this is not what I was expecting. And asked me why there is not this thing in report.

I said him those meet the first 2 criteria but got filtered out from the third criteria you mentioned as it doesn’t have THIS or THAT.
If you need other reports as well I can re-work on it and provide you with modified report.

His reply was no I don’t need now please cancel it, you should not be filtering things even if I said.

And surprisingly he was a repeat customer for whom I did the exact similar job 10 days ago and his review was excellent. Finally I had to cancel the order and got 2 reports for the cost of one.

How long did it take you to complete that $50 task?

Some clients are insane. They don’t know wha they want, you do what they want but then they don’t want it anymore, they’re rude, I just refund them quick.

I hate that my order completion rate is at 86%, but what can I do? Kill myself working for ungrateful clients? I refuse to do that. I just tell them to hire someone else.

I could try to get them to hire my other gigs instead of just ending that relationship, but why bother? Most clients who get a refund don’t come back, some clients only make trouble. I had one that had a history of always requesting a refund. Or simply saying that he didn’t like the work, so that I would refund. Eventually I told him to stop ordering, and he did.

A day.
I won’t say a complete day.
But yes web research does take sufficient amount of time.
To give more details it was to find out specific domains from google and then get their whois info.

Getting bulk whois info is a paid service I actually pay on per lookup basic for that service to a third party.
So it was not just time that I wasted. But I just let him go as it was waste arguing with someone over $50 if they are not ready to listen.

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Really? I use Whois all the time and I never pay anything. Maybe I’m using the free version which has less information?

I agree about not arguing with stubborn people, unless you can prove them wrong and don’t mind getting bad reviews, paypal chargebacks, or having CS cancel the order for you.

Personally, I believe that when a customer is unhappy, it’s very hard to make him happy again. Sometimes it can be done, when he’s specific about what he wants, but if he’s an idiot, then it’s “resolve now” time.