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Repeat rant, changed a price, orders stopped


It happened once again. I really need to try out different prices on gigs but it keeps stopping all orders. Day three here… why is this happening?

Sorry for being repetitious but it’s frustrating. Here I am on the forum when I should stay busy with work.


Can’t help I’m afraid, but that’s definitely my word for today! :slightly_smiling_face:


I sympathize but like I always say, don’t modify prices, create new gigs!

My problem at the moment is that I think I have dug my own grave by pausing old gigs. More gigs seems to = better search exposure (possibly due to more indexed Google pages). That could be a bonus for you, though. i,e. Create new gigs and be able to experiment with pricing and get better search exposure to boot!


Yes I will try that. It’s not that simple for me to create new gigs since I have to develop them with a team that includes beings I can’t even see. It would be simpler if it didn’t have to be done across the internet. But I digress.


That’s why I am scared to change anything! LOL… Leaving me in a $5 catch-22 :confused::expressionless:

Thankfully most of my orders are over $5, but not upping them is still a magnet for potential over the top expectations - for $5 issues.


I hate to increase prices over $5 in my category, as it’s a blow to sales, and yet, I’m tired of the $5 cancellations I have to do.

So I would like to be able to adjust prices to find the sweet spot but it is
a week at least before orders pick up afterwards.


Yeah that’s no good! :disappointed: I’m with you! In fact the only cancellations I get are $5. I might have to do one gig at at time… starting with the one that gets the least orders.


Can you add more value to your gigs? I don’t know much about spells, but when I hit the limit for website audits I changed my gig offering fixes and when that hit the limit I started creating websites. I’m already planning an additional service I can add on top to increase my prices.

So, I don’t know what can you add, but maybe you can figure something out :slight_smile:
PS. I’m not saying your service isn’t worth more, but adding more may appeal to a different type of audience that has not been interested so far :wink:


Great idea. I will consult with my coven on this.

What puzzles me is this. There can be about three hours where I will get 5 or more big orders, then they stop.

It’s like a switch is flipped on then off. So it makes me think that the issue is something out of my control.


Is it just the orders that are affected or the gig stats too?


The gig positions are not quite as good when orders go down. Number of messages dries up too when this happens. It’s like night and day.

There must be something I’m doing wrong besides changing the prices.
It seems to be due to the visibility of my gigs and their position but what causes this who knows? It may be something others in my category are doing but I doubt that they are producing the way I am, or the way I do when my gigs are most visible.


Hmm. I know how you feel. I want to change mine too but I am afraid that I won’t get orders. I think the best advice like that guy said is to create a new gig with new prices.


I can understand your apprehension. I was worried that changing mine would slow orders down. I kept reading how you were having problems, and it did concern me. But, I took a chance on Jan. 1 and made the change.

After 10 days, I just had to put my gigs on vacation mode again because I had buyers ordering multiple articles at one time. While I’m happy the change didn’t affect my gig placement or anything like that so much, I do have a feeling that I will lose a couple of clients because of it.

While I can’t stop Fiverr’s issue with search issues, I did want to make people aware of what I was doing. So, what I did - to make present and future clients aware that I was raising my prices - was put it in my profile description a month before I did it. That way if there were any issues, they would see ahead of time that I was raising my prices.

I wish I could say I knew the secret to help you MissCrystal, but I just don’t. I don’t understand it either. Maybe it’s just the category I’m in; dunno!

Good luck! I hope you get it sorted out.