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Repeated "Ilegal characters" message when creating a gig tilte


Why does 9 times out of 10, I get the error message “Illegal characters” when trying to create a gig tilte?

Why does Fiverr support did not reply to my previous email ?

Why after crafting my gig details and I was ready to publish the gig, I got the error message: “Something went wrong” and I had to start all over again, getting the same eternal error message: “Illegal characters” when trying to create the title?

Can somebody, help me with these, please?

Thank you very much.

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Did you use punctuation marks? I think anything other than a comma is illegal.

No, I just used the normal point/dot/period at the end of the sentence.

It’s illegal. :slight_smile:

Get rid of the period and everything will be fine.

Edit: Not sure why customer service didn’t reply to your email. They may be backed up?

I got rid of it, although it shouldn’t be “illegal”, it’s part of the normal writing process. Problem is the proper nouns are not displayed with initial capital letter.

How can I find in “Overview” section the options which will determine display in section 3 “Description and FAQ” an empty space where I can describe my offer with free text? Thank you.

Why do the proper nouns are not displayed with initial capital letters? How can I do so that they are displayed with initial capital letters? Thank you.

I sent an email again to customer support with all these. Hopefully somebody, anybody will answer and clarify these.

I believe only one word in your title is allowed to feature capital letters.

If you wrote “I will do SEO” then that’d be fine. If you wrote “I will do Google friendly SEO” then the G in Google will demote to lower case because two words are capitalized.

When a buyer opens your gig, however, your title will be displayed with all nouns and major words initially capitalized.

I don’t understand this question, sorry. :slight_smile:

From the options in this screenshot, only “delivery time” and “price” apply to my offer. What options do I need to choose in the 1st section “Overview” in order to have only “Delivery time” and “Price” in the 2nd section and only an empty box in the 3rd section “Description and FAQ”, an empty box where I can describe my offer with free text? Thank you.

You’re only required to name your package, then fill in Revisions, Delivery Time and Price. You can leave everything else blank/unchecked if you want. That’s not a problem.

Then in section three, Description and FAQ, you can describe your service in more detail. You don’t even have to fill in the FAQ section there if you don’t want to.

Hi, Sara, I managed to arrange and save 3 gigs, they are now active and I shared them on Linkedin. Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it. Have a nice weekend!

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