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Repetitive Topic Pop-Up

I like the sidebar widget that opens beside the message field with similar topics to remind people that their topic may be repetitive, but I wonder if maybe a follow window pop-up would be more effective. The pop-up could be triggered only by repetitive phrases like “how do I rank my gig” and “Waiting for sell.” Or the repetitive phrase could be highlighted in-line.

I’m not sure if this forum could technically do that, but if it can it may be worth a try and that kind of automation could also save the mods time.

I’d also love it if there was a reporting option for repetitive topics.


Maybe it will be better to restrict topics to be posted in their title has key phrases “how to get order” “what is impressions” “how to rank my gig” etc.

I think the problem is that in mobile version of you are creating a topic from your mobile phone this pop up window doesn’t appear. You can see this “suggestions” only if you post something from your laptop. And I guess a lot of people nowadays using their cell phones.

Maybe it also will be a good idea to create an FAQ topic with this most asked questions answered and pin it.


Excellent point! Thanks, Maria. They can’t test if something is effective if only some people are seeing it.

I like your suggestion. It would be a fascinating case study to try that and look at the results. It would also be interesting to see if it saves mods time.

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