Replaced all gig images - ended up with zero orders


I have recently paid a seller on Fiverr to design new gig images, so all my gigs look consistent.
One can argue if it’s the bet design or not, but the fact is, all my orders, enquiries have stopped.
What do you think?


Are the gigs back in search and showing up? edit: I checked your custom spell gig and it’s on the top row when I searched for custom spell. I think they look good.

You could switch out the old ones again and see if your sales go back up. Then you would know for sure.


Thank you for your prompt check and opinion!


Sometimes just making a change to your gig, like switching out gig images, results in sales slowing down for a time. I switched a bunch of gig images and then my orders stopped, except return customers, for 2 1/2 weeks. They are starting to return now.


The ones with all the purplish graphic elements are the new ones, yes? This may be just me, but while they may be fine, depending on personal tastes, of course, they don´t speak to me at all because of the category. I might click a gig with an image like that in some other category, but certainly not if I´d be looking for a spell, reading or something the like. I prefer the old images by far, those might make me pick the gigs for consideration, the new ones not.
Not to say the new images are bad per se, but I´ve actually bought gigs in your category, so maybe I´m not alone with my tastes there. :slight_smile:


I thought about that, I can’t cater for all tastes. I had to try, if it’s a real miss in about a month, I get back to my old images!


No doubt there. Good luck with your tests, I´d be interested in the results.


If you want edit your GIG only save do not submit.
Its Nice HINT from my side.


I am not sure what you mean save but not submit.
When I edit a gig, there is a save, and save&preview button, nothing else.


When a change is made to a gig I think they are removed from search for a while. Maybe when replacing images it might be best to replace a small number of gigs’ images at a time so they don’t all get removed from the search at the same time.

Also I agree, with @miiila that while the new images with purple in look good/professional, they don’t all have a “magic/spell” look to images. ie. for some of the images (not the wording on them) you’d probably not guess that those had much to do with magic/spells/supernatural etc.


Now I am in same condition. After changing my gig video, no orders are coming, even no queries. I am disappointed. After seeing your text, I am very mush hopeful. Thanks a lot, dear.


Thanks a lot for your opinion!
@roksanalive I’d be really curious why Fiverr does this


Everyone, seems like a few orders came in, let’s see if it will be snowballing!


Please share updates. I am in same trouble, dear! No new orders.


I wish I had known this sooner, I recently did the same thing and lost all inquiries :frowning:

Do you know how long it takes for it to go back to what it was?


I am having a few orders now, after a week, but it’s not great yet. I am still hopeful, I am here for the long run!