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Lately, I’m getting lots of useless messages on my inbox, some of them literally doesn’t have any meaning. I simply report as spam to those messages, but I realized it messes up with my response rate, so I replied a couple of messages instead of reporting as spam.
I know getting useless messages is nothing new on Fiverr, but who knew it might backfire?
Three weeks ago, I got a warning about sending spam messages to people and I realized instantly that some of them might report my messages as spam.
Then last night a seller, yes, a seller offered me some work in my inbox and I said no to him.
Of course, it was something less than 5% of my regular gig price. I can’t undervalue myself, can I?
And, in the morning, first mail I read was, “I’ve been demoted to level 1” and the reason was I’ve sending spam messages and this was the 2nd warning of similar type.
So, I said no to cheap works, and you have to report my message as spam? Bravo!!


Maybe show & say to CS that you haven’t sent any spam messages - maybe screenshot the recent messages to show they’re all valid or maybe ask them if they can show you the spam message.


Well, I don’t have any! I mean, I’m a little picky when it comes to managing my things. I can’t tolerate the notifications, pop-ups, extra folders, useless messages, and to keep things simple and easy to find, I always delete useless staff! Who knows, all these years I’ve been doing wrong. :zipper_mouth_face:

I hope you’ll find a way,
Maybe asking for the support to restore your messages is possible? :thinking:

I never heard about something like that, but I contacted customer support and waiting for their response. The worst-case scenario would be- waiting for 45 days to get the badge back. But if the communication system is designed that way, I might lose my account for replying to useless messages with no care at all. The title is all about that!

Okay, I found out. It was more like an unsolicited message rather than a spam message which was marked as spam by the system.
I asked one of my clients, how’re the effects after I made the necessary changes.
Then he replied this:


And, I explained to him how Fiverr works. At that time the system was thinking I was asking for reviews or tips maybe? Damn, I should be more careful, because I often get new clients and need to explain lots of things! :dizzy_face:

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This was way after the first warning, so I still don’t know what spam I might send to fellow 5r’ers!

So careless of me! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I could just paste this link and say goodbye