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Reply to a 1-star review

Hi everyone!

I recently received a one-star rating on my profile. The buyer and I mutually decided to cancel the order, but he accepted it and placed a one-star review. And then he went ahead and asked customer service to refund his money.

The order was to create a mid-year performance report for him, but he wouldn’t provide me with any information apart from the rubric and objectives set at the start of the year. I think he wanted me to make up numbers and facts, who knows.

My question is, I’ve seen many sellers respond to low ratings with their justifications. Should I do the same too? Should I provide an explanation for potential buyers? Or is it best to leave the rating alone?

Stay safe! Cheers!


You should also report to fiverr and let them read your inbox messages and decide that who’s right and who’s right.


I did contact customer service but they said since the order was delivered and then deleted, the review will stay. If it was deleted without any delivery then the buyer wouldn’t be allowed to leave a review.

In the end it is up to you, but me personally, I’d leave a comment explaining my side of the story. I will of course make sure to sound professional as possible. When I myself am looking for sellers and if they had a negative review, I always check the contents of the review and the seller’s response to that. If the response was done professionally, or I could tell that it was not the seller’s fault, I’ll be more than willing to give that seller a try.


Yes, absolutely you should. The objective of responding to a poor review is to give confidence to future buyers. Be strategic and promote yourself as the professional good person, and not emotional and unprofessional by attacking the buyer.

No, never leave a poor review alone. To future potential buyers, it will look like you don’t care.


Looks like you completely ignored all other comments. She already got in touch with CS and they said they can’t remove it.


He’s doing it all the time, even after creating a topic about learning his lesson and that he won’t do it anymore. I don’t get it, it’s like saying potential buyers that he won’t read a word of their instructions and will deliver something random.

Yes, definitely. In a polite and professional manner, explain exactly what happened. It will show potential buyers that you’re a professional. All the reasonable buyers know that it’s not possible to please everyone, especially if they don’t provide you with the necessary information.


I have 2 negative ratings. I never responded to the first one (it looked pretty obvious to me from that one that the buyer didn’t understand how the site worked). The second one I responded to. The person showed up in my inbox a day later to threaten me to remove the review and I had to report them.

In any case, it’s your right to respond and you should. State the facts, keep your emotions out of it. It won’t hurt your potential buyers to know what not to do if they want to have a pleasant and productive experience.


You should have cancelled right there. Not even started it. How did you even do the work? You can’t give a report without data, do what did you submit?

Of course he’s dissatisfied because he didn’t give you anything to work with. That was wrong of him but you willingly took on work you didn’t have the resources to do and submitted something that wasn’t able to be suitable, thereby giving him the impetus to discredit you.

We agreed over the fact that the report would be generic and I would search the internet for anything I could include. But when I did submit a report, he got mad over the lack of specific details.

But it was a bad call on my part, it showed me that I need to be more meticulous when making sure I’ve everything I need to start working.

Yeah it was wrong of him but you did you agree to do something that you didn’t have the resources to do. This not only sets you up for failure but you could even get a warning for not delivering what the scope of the order asked for, even though he was unresponsive.

It’s impossible to write a performance report on results without actual data on performance. A rubric and objectives is not data and says nothing about performance. I’m baffled about what you could have actually may have delivered.

No you can’t. It can potentially get you a warning or a ban for an attempted review manipulation.