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Reply to conversation in FAQ

I can not see any option to reply the conservation in the FAQ category. am I missing to find the option or I am unable to reply??


Not sure what you mean.

You have posted in this (FAQ) category, and I have clicked on “reply” at the bottom of your post, and replied!


Until anyone replay on your post, you can’t find the replay option.
Because no one replay, so whom to you do replay?


Have just checked some topics I created and it seems possible to reply to the original post unless the topic has been locked.

Why would someone create a topic and then reply right away to themselves!


I am saying that I am unable to reply in the FAQ conversations started by other people. I can read their conversations and reply’s by peoples but can not find a reply option.
it might be due to restrictions that only some specific team can reply to FAQ quires. am I right ?