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Well you signed up in fiverr after you saw all this successful sellers and you want to get some pocket money or a good monthly wage… All that dreams are being washed away every day without an order… Right? Well don’t let those feeling get you…
I was waiting for 3-4 months for my first very sale… But I never give up… I tried anything and that what you should do too…
Here are some top tips:
1)Make sure you are online all day long.
2)Make sure you visit fiverr a couple times a day.
3)Get an attractive photo of what you sell for your gig.
4)Do changes in keywords until you start selling. If your sales drop change them again and again.
5)Keep a track on your competitors and try to be better than them.
6)Have a profile picture of you. When I inserted mine I saw an “explosion” in my sales.
7)Keep a track in Fiverr’s forum. It is always so helpful!

This is what I did… I got my first sale ,then the second one… Now I have more than 550 sales and more than 400 positive reviews. Just never give up!



Nice tips. Appreciate it. But now a day, every new seller start a new thread in forum and ask things like “how can I get more sales” etc. A lot of people spent countless time to share the tips they know. But nobody cares about it at all. They always start a new discussion here :frowning:

Hey there Maria.
Thanks for the feedback… Well,this is why I wrote this thread. If it goes up many new sellers will see this and may help them + we won’t have a page full of “how to get my first sale” or anything similar :smiley:


For folks who want something in more detail and with my own performance numbers to back it up, check out this guide I wrote earlier this year:

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waiting for 3-4 months for your first sale? and you never give up…? well! you just made my day and i will keep on waiting and promoting…lol

Yes buddy… I waited a long… As you see in my account I waited and I was payed :slight_smile: don’t give up!

hey @aggelosmariospa buddy, Let me know please . when is couple time in Fiverr?

Almost Very impressive post. :slight_smile: thanks.

super tip.I like.

Hey there mate…
I am so glad you found my post impressive :slight_smile:
About your question. In the past I tried to log in every 2 hours at least… I also use the mobile application that shows you online as well… I have it open in my mobile…
Now if you are a new user it is good to be shown online as much as possible… If you don’t have time at least log in in times that it is afternoon in US (this depends the country you are in) . 70% of my sales are from US in specific hours…
So try that and also download the app of fiverr. And never leave unreplied messages… Let me know if you need anything else.

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Thank you Harsha. nice gigs! :wink:
added to favorites!

Perhaps they are just looking to vent and want to chat.

naah don’t think they want to chat… They are just desperate… I was back then :slight_smile:

Sometimes nervous people tend to get chatty.

You’re right

I am also new i will try it. I hope i will start me first sale soon…

wish you the best!! :slight_smile:

Very Useful tips. I am motivated now. Thanks.

I am very happy I helped you :slight_smile:

I am also new i will try it. Thanks