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Replying to Buyer request is a headache for me

When I try to send offers to some buyer requests I get the list of gigs that are not suitable or not matchig to the request while the most appropriate gigs are there in my gig list. Please let me know why this happens? Is there any way of getting correct gig to submit the offer?

You can only offer gigs in the category and subcategory matching the buyer’s request.

@catwriter Thank You for your reply. Those gigs are in correct categories I don’t know why that happens to me. Then Today I’ve deleted all the gigs which were not having any feedback yet :smiley:

Reply to @zimron89: It’s not the matter of correct or incorrect categories. For example, you’ve placed a gig in the copywriting category, and the buyer made request for that type of gig but marked web content. Neither is incorrect because the categories can and often do overlap, but the request and the gig still don’t match.