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Replying to buyer requests with my offers

Hi… Have a Good day :heart:

I’m here to seek suggestions from you on my Fiverr experience.

I’m getting buyer requests in Fiverr everyday. I read buyer requests and reply them with my offers specifying their requirements too. But till now, I have not received any orders by replying to Buyer requests.

I have one repeated Client who is very satisfied with my works. How can I get orders from other Buyers too?

Whether I should improve my gig images or the replies to buyer requests?

Whether this experience is common for Newsellers?

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Check this out:


Thank you… But, I have already read the article and following those tips for 2weeks.

Waiting for buyers to place the order…

I do not often respond to BR but found following procedure useful. It works for me but may not necessarily work for others. Eg. the budget limit may vary from Seller to Seller.

  1. I remove every request with budget less than $50 as well as requests that do not show any budget at all.

  2. I consider remaining requests only (usually 0-2) that I read a few times.

  3. In case I am comfortable with request (means I would be able to deliver what Buyer actually wants just using description in Buyer Request), I respond.

  4. Response is straight to the point and honest. (I Never use following: "I am professional, I have 10 years of experience, I will deliver with unlimited revisions, your satisfaction is my goal, and bla bla etc.)

I observed high response rate from Buyers with this method.

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Ok, Thank you for sharing your experience…

One clarification needed that you really mean that you remove every request with budget less than “$50”.

As a Newseller, I’m offering my services at a starting price of $5. May be your services will be different from mine.

Yes, I do.

And absolutely, threshold depends on more factors, eg what kind of services you provide, what country you live, self confidence, language level, customer service level etc.

I have recently got response from Buyer saying he got 40 offers from BR which I believe were about $5 or something but still asked me because I acted according to 3. and 4. My offer was 10% higher than his budget and remember I deleted everything below $50.

It was the confidence that I got and brought the Buyer back to me. The confidence gained by correct response. I told them exactly what they wanted to hear.

I consider myself as new Buyer too and this will stay for couple of months or even years.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your tips!

Eventhough we are providing good services like other Level 1 & 2 sellers, Sometimes low rate may be underestimated by some buyers. Some buyers may be thinking that low budget will not give Professional services.