Replying to Buyer Requests



What are some tips when replying to buyer requests?
What do you say?


Here are some tips that I follow:

  1. Always reply with a custom response. Never use templated response while sending offers in BR.
  2. Be concise and comprehensive.
  3. Explain how you will be carrying out the job?
  4. Explain why you are best suited for this job?
  5. Finally, quote for the job with reasonable pricing and timeline.
    Hope it helps.


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While I’m flattered, I’d appreciate it if you cited your sources next time :stuck_out_tongue:

(Thanks for the credit, offlinehelpers!)


No problem! :sunny:


Be careful!
Some new sellers post in BR as buyer. Then they are requesting for samples and they are goiong to use them as their own work.:rage::rage::rage::rage:



OMG I think i also sent offer to this request. Thank God, I did not have to send sample to this so called buyer…