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Replying to Requests Do's and Dont's

I’m a buyer of Fiverr gigs, sometimes I put in a request because I’m having trouble finding what I want. So far my Requests have met with successful sellers offering the gig I was looking for (or custom gig to my requirements). However I place this note here because I get a lot of replies from sellers who fail to understand (in my opinion) what a request is, especially when it is highly detailed.


  1. Read my request, note the timeframe and MAX budget.
  2. Reply saying you can do my job.
  3. Link your reply to a gig that seems similar enough to my request to make me believe you can actually do it.
  4. Indicate your price to complete my job.
  5. Indicate a reasonable timeframe to complete my request.


  1. Reply with vague gig info and link to gigs that aren’t related at all to my initial request
  2. Reply to contact you to discuss gig and determine budget, then turn around and offer to do the gig at several times my MAX budget in the initial request.
  3. Say you can do my gig for $5 and 1 day when I clearly indicated $100 and 30 days in the offer, I’m clearly asking for more that $5 worth of work with quality and I’m going to want you to spend more that 1 day working on it.
  4. Say you can do something completely different than what I asked for (example I need a 3D animation, offering me 2D artwork doesn’t help).

Basically your reply to my Gig Request should be so good that I immediately want to click that “Order Now” button, if it isn’t then you’ve likely wasted your time replying to my request as someone else will give me the response I want, and get the gig.

Works both ways though doesn’t it? All that can apply to buyers as well, buyers need to be on point and specific with what they want done and not beat around the bush and make us ask 1000 questions before they finally figure out what they actually want done! Especially when they’ve agreed to the gig verbally and even worse after you’ve sent a sample and they agree it’s what they want and purchase the gig, then minutes later ask for a few hundred mods because they can’t make up their mind or are just been dodgy trying to weasel extra work out of you!

True, buyers need to know what they want and be as specific as possible, my initial comment was for sellers who appear to create great products but when replying to requests post vague and unrelated comments/gigs leaving which results in a loss of the buyer’s confidence in their ability to produce the work required.