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Replying to vague buyer requests

Many times a buyer request will be very vague, but tell you enough to make you interested, and at the same time not tell you enough to understand what the buyer really wants (let along estimate how long it will take you or how much to bid)
What I’ve been doing (a few times only) is to reply with a question showing I know what I am talking about and asking for more details.
Here is my question: in the bid I offer 1 review, 30 days delivery and a $10,000 charge, that is, in a way, the least attractive offer you can make. Is this acceptable according to Fiverr rules?
My thought is, I don’t want to get stuck with an accepted offer for something I may not be able to do.

I’m not sure why you are making an offer that is mostly not going to get any response. Yes it’s acceptable to fiverr rules, just not going to accomplish anything.
I understand you need to know more details before accepting but this would scare most buyers away without replying. But there’s no harm in trying this.

Not sure either… there is little worse than a buyer who doesn’t know what they want… but I need to increase sales. Thank you!

just ignore them

Yes, especially in my field. The most detailed the buyers could write is "I have written a children’s book and am looking for an illustrator. I will need around 10 illustrations. "

I need a lot more information to decide the price and timeline.
But even if they want to write more, there is no space

How am I supposed to bid then?

It will either be vague or requests for work with a guarantee to reward the job to a seller whose willing to submit some work for free.

yeah you are right some Buyer do not know their requirement or may be they will not able to describe their needs. and one more point… In buyer requests section there are so many sellers who will post about their gigs. may be all sellers have suffering same problem like me that sometime its difficult to understand which offer we are sending to is Buyer or Seller ?

May be Fiverr should stop these type of guys… and a one format for buyers that they can describe their requirements easily.

I think that the word count field in the Buyer requests needs to be increased maybe we can suggest that to Fiverr I see people run out of room a lot!