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Report a Bug - fiverr phone app,

Hello I am unable to log into my account using the fiverr app on my phone.

This is what it says -Forgot Your Password? We’ve noticed you’re unable to login. If you forgot your password, recover it.

I never experienced this problem before, I uninstalled and re installed the app, and its the same. is anyone having the same issue? I dont have any problems login in on the desk top.

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Try logging in with the Gmail account linked to your Fiverr account.

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion. but I dont have any gmail account linked with fiverr.


I wonder where you receive your account updates and notifications. You can link a google account with your Fiverr profile, by clicking on your profile image and visiting the “settings” page. Once done, save the changes, verify, and try logging in with the newly linked Google account.
Good Luck!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! Please keep us updated and do not hesitate to reach out again, if the issue persists.