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Report a buyer

hey everyone

about one week ago someone buy a gig for me and he told me to ask his question about GIMP i answer him and send him pictures with the explanation and it was so clear to Understand . but he request a modification and tell me that he didnt Understand so i did a hole new explanation and he make a modification on the order and told me again that he dont Understand i did it a third time more clearer that anyone ho has not know GIMP at all will Understand it but he make a modification and told me to edit a photo and make it look like another photo that he sent it to me i actually did that and then he did another modification and told me to make the photo look like my profile photo do you believe that !!

i did it also and now he make a new modification and told me to draw this photo .

i’m asking is there a seller rights or can i report him or something lie that . please answer me i really need help

You can request a cancellation. Also, I believe for graphic gigs you can set the number of modifications you are willing to perform. You can report him to Customer Service, but I’m not sure that they can do much about it.

i know that i can do aa cancellation and his money will return to him but if anyone did that then i think fiverr will offer free service for everyone
i dont want his money to back to him after all the work i have done he will get what he wants then

As I said, you can report him to Customer Service, and see if they can do anything to help you. Take screenshots of the order pages and attach them to the ticket when you file it.

Thanks anyway