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Hello I would like to report a seller/free-lancer on Fiverr named ************.

. I had contacted him and another guy to create a Bot to connect to one of my translation platform in order to grab translation projects faster. I gave him my credentials so he can have a look at it and understand how the platform works. In parallel I did contact another programmer to compare the offer and decide which one would be better for the job. None of them gave me an offer but I decided to go with the second guy who apprently had a better understanding of the what I needed. When I let ************
(the first programmer) know that I was chosing someone else he got mad and messed up with my credentials of the platform translation and I could have lost my job. He changed my login information (email address) and I was kicked out of the platform for hours. I had to get the bosses of the platform to intervene to restaure my logins. I have proof that was him although he denied it.

I would like to know how I can formally report this ************ guy ?
Thank you

Mod Note: Username removed. Report a seller


Firstly, please don’t share the username on the Fiverr Forum.

Never share your credentials until you’ve actually placed an order!

Even then, really consider if you need to give away your personal information. If you do have to give a seller your credentials, make sure you change the password or username after the job is completed.

If you hover over any message that they’ve sent you, there’s an option that says “spam” and there’s another option that says “report”. Click on the report button and then choose your option for why you’re reporting the seller.


Hi, you are not allowed to mention the name of the seller here. Sorry you had to go through that unfortunate experience, please talk to Customer Support. Submit a request here:

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That’s unfortunate.

Report the Seller to Fiverr CS and explain what happened and you will be expected to provide your proof.

There were errors that occurred from both Buyer and Seller in this but the Seller should never have done what you say was done as it sounds like an act of retaliation.

Good luck.

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