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Report Button for Custom Offer Spam

A seller I have not ever even seen or read the name of, sent me a Custom Offer. They must have seen my review for a gig similar to theirs.

There is no report button because they just sent the Custom Offer and no message, but there should be one. It´s annoying.


This is a very sneaky way for the butterfingers to spam other sellers with their rubbish. :smirk:
Each time I’ve emailed CS about the loophole spammers, but a report button would save me time.


Here’s what I do: I write them a message in a way that will make them reply (might contain a question), and once they reply I hit report :japanese_ogre:

It’s actually quite refreshing…


I don´t want to talk to them, I´d prefer to waste as little as possible time with it.


True, but think about the others who’ll suffer from the same spam as you just did - wouldn’t it give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that, by taking the time to talk to them so that you can report them, you can free other sellers from getting their spam in the first place? :eyes:


No, I´d just like to push a report button with a smile as cold as ice.

I don´t want to waste even more time than clicking the message and wondering wt* and clicking ‘No, thank you’, twice!, by the way.

I am thinking about the others, which is why I want a report button for this.


Thank you Woofy for your service :smiley:

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I had a spammer contacting me last night. He send me a word document and specifically asked me to enable it’s content. I had no report button on mobile so I send an email to Fiverr CS. They used the banhammer!

Well, sure, that’s a different thing, though, probably wasn’t a spammer, but a potential cyber criminal. Whole different thing. Of course I’d report someone who probably sent a harmful file to CS directly, but we shouldn’t have to waste our and CS’s time with tickets for this kind of regular, and common, unsolicited CO spam.

There’s just no good reason that you can’t hit a report button on an unsolicited Custom Offer, there are report buttons on inbox messages and flag buttons on gigs, it doesn’t strike me as something difficult.

Plus, while the other existent and suggested buttons could potentially be abused, common argument here against all of these kind of suggestions, I don’t see a problem with that here.

You asked someone to send you a CO, they’ll hardly report it, someone sent you an unsolicited CO, that’s against the rules, so how could you abuse the report button when you click it.

Doesn’t really need the banhammer either, at least not at the first time, CS could send them a canned account warning like ‘Not cool buddy, you’re stealing our doer’ s time, do it again and you’re an ex-doer. And read the freaking rules finally, they are there for reasons and you’ll break another of them eventually if you don’t even know them’.

My last spammer was level 2 BTW, if people just are too lazy to read the rules, a simple ‘if you do this again, we’ll take away your level x badge/you never will get level 1 badge’ probably would help. They’ll all understand that bit.

Ah well, it’s a suggestion and would be cool if you’d integrate it into one of the next updates, Fiverr.

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