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Report Button For Sellers Profile Pages


Lots of traffic leaks I’ve spotted. There should be a report button on every page for ones to use. It’s not fair for ones that play by the rules to have other sellers have links to their personal sites on their pages and in their demo videos. They should be reported. A button is far faster than sending an email.


I’m not a fan of reporting people so I really don’t like the idea of more report buttons. Jealous competitors can misuse them and who knows if Fiverr does or will continue to use a “human reviewing system” to make sure people aren’t being falsely reported before taking action against their accounts. (I mean, I’ve read about several instances when people’s videos or gigs got denied for no reason, even when they had been approved earlier, so you just can never be sure how the system works).

As long as the site is working great for everyone, I don’t see why we should encourage reporting people unless they are directly posing a risk to our existence on Fiverr e.g phishing attempts, etc.

My motto is to live by the rules, have fun helping others out and mind my own business. :slight_smile:


A ticket system works, yes, but a report button would be faster. Sites I am on for my other work are “self policed”, and believe me, ones love to comb over others listing for things against rules and report them, that’s accepted. I also have a website with a report button myself, and appreciate other users bringing things to my attn to deal with. It would simply be easier if before any changes, they had to be approved in the first place.