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Fiverr should have a report option on peoples names even if you don’t order a gig from them. These reports should then be review by a tribunal and then they decide to suspend, block, or warn an account holder. I have had a harassing customer, found copyrighted material being sold, and scam gigs that I would have loved to report.


There is a solution for that. That screenshots of your evidence, contact customer support by signing in and submitting a ticket, and explain what you have found. When I went through this channel, fraudulent accounts were removed so I know it does work.

A report button on its own is useless and waiting to be abused by the competition.

cheezees said: waiting to be abused by the competition.

This didn't even come to mind till you mentioned it, which does raise a major concern how ever I think Fiverr would be monitoring who reports whom and for what reason.

They have a selection of why you wish to mutually cancel, and if Facebook and Instagram shows you can report people for abuse, spam, etc. it would be a success. When you report anyone on a system it requires you to pick from a category.

I think that would be the ultimate solution like providing selection on which to report individuals gig if you will with opinion of: "gig violates third-parties terms, gig violates TOS, gig contains adult content, etc." after a number of reports it should be reviewed by Fiverr HQ and the appropriate action would be taken.

There a number (thousands, hundreds of thousands maybe?) of gigs that violate Fiverr's TOS, are adult, or other... but having users be proactive and file a lengthy report out is just a waste of time and resources. It just needs to be a quick 1-2 system.

Even when you report a user via message it doesn't stop them from messaging you or block them from ordering from you - that's a whole other issue that I hope gets resolved.