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Report Copyright Flag

Okay… so I was going through my gig, and I noticed a little flag at the top next to the number of people who have collected the gig. The flag is designed to report copyright violations. So, if anyone has copied your gig (as I have numerous people seemingly doing this to me), Fiverr just made it a little easier to report. THANK GOODNESS! I was getting tired of having to write to CS about each and every one, and pretty much quit doing it because it was just too much of a hassle. With this, much easier.

I hope this feature is here to stay… I, and others like me, could certainly use it! Thanks Fiverr!

How does it work? You just click on it, or is there something else?

I don’t need to use it right now, but it would be useful to know.

When I clicked on it, it brought up a box that had three suggestions of possible problems. Click on the appropriate one and fill out the information…