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Report feature (in messaging) does not stop user from contacting me! Help!


About 10 days ago a prospective buyer contacted me about my Dutch/ Flemish writing gig.

After a long message thread, which left me with the impression that the person at the other end was in a giggly mood all the way, he/she? finally comes clean and tells me that the ‘article’ is in fact ‘for school’.

(He/she failed, prior to that, to tell me whether a sales pitch or opinion article was needed)

I first thought about tutoring him/her instead, but then told them that I do not do homework.

Since the messages still kept coming, trying to persuade me, I blocked that person.

(The giggly attitude bothered me more than the actual home work request)

Now, the messages still come!

Any thoughts? Solutions?


Probably a kid, so you can probably bluff him. Tell him it’s possible to track someone by their IP or phone and that if he keeps asking, you will report him to parents and school~! Bet THAT will shut him up!

But why you can’t block the messages…glitch? bug? Don’t know. Maybe report to CS??


You’re right, it probably is just a minor/ kid. But from the topic he asked me to ‘write’ about, I got the impression that it could be a college student. Which makes the fact that he wants somebody to write an essay about a technical topic for him, even worse. I would not want to rely on the services of an engineer that did not write his own research papers!

Meanwhile, I have blocked him again, and temporarily suspended my gigs, to be safe. I guess he’s just one of these people who cannot take no for an answer and just have to keep on whining.

Thank you for your answer. I just needed to rant, basically!

And I will report the glitch to CS.