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Report Fiverr User for Finding Me Outside of Fiverr

Okay, so the strangest thing happened to me. Someone sent me a message on Fiverr while it was nighttime on my end. While he was waiting for my response, he found me on my personal Facebook page, requested to add me as a friend, and then sent me a message. In his Fiverr message he sounded professional, but in his Facebook message, which I read without replying to, he sounded desperate and willing to do anything if I would take him on as a client.

All of this sounds extremely suspicious to me and seems like a scam. Even if it’s not, I still am not comfortable with someone finding my personal Facebook from Fiverr. That’s extremely unprofessional and I have no idea how he would do that!

How do I report a user on Fiverr for outside misconduct?

Wait, did you accept their request?

Of course you’re not. It’s creepy. Whenever something like that happens, just block them.

You can submit a ticket to Customer Support, but if you’ve accepted that person’s friendship request, I’m not sure whether you’re going to get an account warning, too.

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I blocked and reported them on Facebook and informed them that I would not be working with them through Fiverr. I just can’t find the stupid report button through my mobile app.

But since I can just put a ticket in through customer service, I’ll do that today.

It was probably the creepiest thing that’s happened on Fiverr for me. I’ve had a wonderful experience with every other client, so I was really surprised this happened.