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Placed an order Seller didn’t do what I asked and can’t get in contact with him. Fiverr Customer Support doesn’t address this problem, so now I am going to use social media to make my point that people shouldn’t use Fiverr service!!! There are people who say that they are programmers but they are not and don’t have a clue… Don’t use this service unless they can back up their service they are offering!!!

Well u can contact your seller,You can ask for refund send a cancellation he will return your money or you can make a ticket that you need your money back
If the order was completed automatically and its been more than 14 days u must understand the situation that your funds are in his control now and don’t know if he already withdraw them… :slight_smile:

In fiverr,A lot of skilled programmers are available.Before Ordering you can ask seller to show his previous work portfolio.
fiverr is one of the most reliable and trusted platform where you get any service.
Before Ordering,you should know sellers previous work history.

Just message before order. Check the seller’s response time and recent delivery time also.
You will not disappointed again.

Well I feel sorry for what happened to you. But blaming whole community for a single incidence is never appropriate. Fiverr is popular for micro services, and packed with thousands of talented and experienced sellers. Its just that you had a bad experience and a mismatch. Every community have some sellers who have the knowledge of no knowledge, simply ignore them. Look for other sellers with thousands for good reviews (those are not fake, and really mean to appreciate the seller for their awesome service) and discuss about your project, review his profile, check previous selling history and reviews before buying Gigs. You should be just fine like other buyers are…