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Report. help im not getting in buyer request

Hi,I am having no buyer requests shown up for a couple of days. It was fine before but now it shows that there is 1 active whereas there is no buyer request on view even when I tried refreshing. Please help to solve the problem. What should I do?

Probably nothing as likely there is nothing that the system considers relevant to offer you.

It is pretty normal to have a number sitting there but nothing shown. I think if you look you may find that one job is still available but maybe you declined/deleted it. Either, way it is nt an invisible job and BRs will reappear when Fiverr things they suit you.


If you want you can report it to the help desk if It’s a bug.
If you click “remove” on a request it can then make the “active” total not equal the amount shown (at least for a while. After a full refresh a while later it might then match again). Also using the search option (where you can do an “or” but not an “and” search) also can make fewer results get shown than the active total shows.
Thank you😇


change your gig sub category and then refresh the page. may be it work for you.