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Report or not? Buyer or

Today I’ve got a message, where the buyer wants to buy my services but asking to send my ■■■■■ or email. When I told, that I prefer to work only inside this platform, and I don’t want to break any rules, he sent me the image with contact data (email, website and ■■■■■ of his company).

This is not the first time. Definitely, I will not cooperate with this “buyer”, but should I report? Technically he didn’t do anything bad, and he can be the best buyer, but also he can be just a scamer, get someone’s service and never pay.

What would you do? I am not sure if I am right, but I am going to report and block him


Your buyer keeps insisting even though you have already told him that it is against the Terms of Service to communicate outside the platform.

I would block and report. Buyers who send their contact information in an image or a text file usually know that they are breaking the rules.


Yes, he did. He’s not allowed to share his personal contact information with you.

I’d report the message where he sent personal contact info and block him.


Thanks for your opinion - I already did it, I don’t want to be rude and hurn anyone, but also I don’t want to see messages on this forum like “Scammed by the buyer” and definitely don’t want to work with people who doesn’t look reliable

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Yes, actually he did, I didn’t think about it. I already reported him, I hope I did everything right

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If you tell him to don’t share personal info then you can report. It should be good