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Report or not

Recently I received an order from a buyer who sent me some screencast link to explain the job and further wrote her e-mail id (alphabetically) asking me to send my credentials. In a reply, I asked her that if she is aware of the Fiverr TOS or not. She responded very bluntly, asking me to cancel the order. So, I sent her the cancellation message. Is it enough or should I report further to the Fiverr team. Also, when I clicked on the link, it landed me to her recorded screen with some instructions. Is it some sort of a phishing scam?

I agree with mrproofreading. Since she knows that she had to bypass typing her email before gaining access, then it means she’s fully aware and is up to something

Report it. If she’s tried it with you, she’ll undoubtedly try it with future sellers too.

Ok, so my final decision- I am reporting her. Now I just need your one help guys. I really can’t find any report button… Where is it located? Some posts saying it was removed, then how to report?

Reply to @ryan9999: I see…sorry misunderstood. I didn’t know they had Top Buyer rankings…this must be something new. If you have screen shots than you have the evidence and proof so let you conscious decide.

Good Luck

Reply to @ryan9999: I haven’t seen any comment from Fiverr about “Top Buyer” badges and I doubt they mean anything about credibility. I have seen sellers theorize that they get the badge for spending a certain amount of money so I don’t think it gives them much protection when they break ToS. I would guess Fiverr hoped to appease those hoping to see real Buyer levels based on feedback. After all, we sellers aren’t that bright and not likely to question if the badges mean something. (insert sarcasm tone) :wink: I agree with those saying report.

Reply to @steveeyes: TRS mean Top Rated Sellers right? She is not a seller and only a buyer, She doesn’t have any gigs displayed on her profile.

There is no kind of misunderstanding or miscommunication? I have the screenshots of exactly what I explained…

Reply to @ryan9999: Hmmmmmmmmmm…it is hard to believe that she became a TRS with those type of tactics so I understand why you are hesitant. A TRS is probably under the microscope more than others so it is hard to believe she would purposely violate the TOS and risk losing her TRS. Hmmmmm, are you sure there was not a misunderstanding or miscommunication?

Ok, I want to add-on one more thing more guys. This buyer is a top buyer on Fiverr since 2012. (In new updates, there is a symbol attached to the buyer name revealing the statuses of the buyers such as, “Repeat Buyer”, “Top Buyer” etc.)

So, she must have a credibility. This is where I am stuck.

Report it. Not only will you probably be getting rid of a scammer, you will be doing the Fiverr community a favor.

Hey…maybe you are receiving the same message… it looks like somekind of spam… feature_gig or gig_features is sending this message asking for my details to get on a new web service…that will advertize my gigs and it sounds like strange that fiverr will ask for my details to get my gigs advertized on a new web site…

do you guys know if this is spam?

I am waiting guys!! Please tell me where is the report button. Or should I directly contact support and report?

Reply to @ryan9999: There’s a report link in the message she sent you. That won’t give you theoption to comment, though – it just submits. If you feel you need to explain anything contact CS/

Reply to @ryan9999: They did finally create a way to make a ticket for reporting accounts. Go to open a regular ticket but choose “Trust and Safety” when you get a field that offers that. You’ll see another dropdown that lets you report bad gigs or problem accounts, etc. (Thank goodness Fiverr finally added that in the support section. I only found out yesterday and it does work - the account I had to report was removed today.)

Reply to @luckygutsy: That would only work if she sent inbox messages. If she just placed an order, I don’t believe there is a report button. All you can do with orders is cancel them, which he already did. That could have changed since I’ve done it, but I don’t think so.

Yes I cancelled the order and reason tab popped up (new feature) with options. I selected other and wrote “Against TOS”.