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Report or not

I was contacted by a buyer who wanted me to act/pretend that he worked for me.

He said that I would get calls from people inquiring if he worked for me and what kind of employee was he.

I declined his offer but isn’t this wrong? Should I report this to fiverr team?

It really doesn’t sound like a biggie to me. When I report something to CS, I make sure there is no question they violated the TOS and I have absolute proof Why? CS is busy and if you report something petty or uncertain, there may come a time you really need to report something significant and CS may think you cried wolf once, you would do it again.

Also, depending on the Gig, Fiverr will grant permission to use skype and other off site communication to gigs that request and need it.

His request is ethically questionable but I don’t think it’s illegal in most cases. You shouldn’t have to do a task that makes you uncomfortable so you did the right thing canceling. If it makes you feel better you can report it to Fiverr although I doubt they will cancel the buyers account over this one request.

Edited to add: I double checked before saying this but there are multiple sellers offering reference services just like this. One that I found quickly is a featured gig by a Level 2 seller with over 70 reviews on the “be your reference” gig. Since it would require contact info I would assume they have Fiverr permission. I know of off-Fiverr companies that provide this kind of thing too. :-/

Yeah, as you’re not allowed to communicate outside of Fiverr, and he’s asking you to do so. If an innocent newbie fell for that, they’d have their account limited.

Hit report. :slight_smile: