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Report Scam "Buyer" [ARCHIVED]

/I received this message and the user has their account set to private, so there is no way to “report” them as you can’t read their message on the Fiverr site, only via email:

“Hi. We are interested in buying some tweet gigs but there are 2451 on Fiverr and we bought some that turned out to be fake followers. Would you be willing to tweet our website link removed and if a real customer signs up we can pay you 2 gigs through Fiverr? You can get more info on our site to make sure it is something you would be comfortable with. We appeal to a broad audience so if your followers are real, you should get 2 signups. If you get more than 2 signups, we will buy more gigs. Let me know if you can make this happen.”

Can’t find a single way to report them, anyone have a suggestion, idea, knowledge?

Whoops - removed their name. And good to know about them being caught. I finally was able to contact someone with Fiverr, first time I had to do so, and not the easiest thing for me to find right away, and they are looking into it.

how to report a scam buyer ?? in simple

Reply to @pearldesingz: Navigate to Customer Support site and create a new ticket.

Or you can send an email to

We also need a way to report scam sellers; I see a lot of threads from sellers complaining about buyers ripping them off. As a buyer, I have experienced very rude and arrogant answers to simple questions, bait and switch sellers, sellers trying to change the sale after I hit the buy button.

Recent example, I thought we agreed to $10 for some work to help install a plugin. $10 was the price stated by the seller.

Then he refused to do the work, and wanted $25 to sell me a pack of plugins I could download myself for free.

I declined that, and this is the answer I got "Ok i will send you for $10 but i want you to download my game from android store and ratings on it…"


When I declined that amazing offer, this is the email I got, "Ok Thank you We work here here to earn not for peanuts… and bro its part of deal… "

This is 5er! If you don’t want to do work for “peanuts”, go sell your services elsewhere, and don’t try BS like this.

This seller “******” is a scam. I am pissed, she ordered a one day delivery service, on which I did my part. What took the order long is that she is not responding when I asked if theres any modification, and I have modified her file modified 3 times and came out she wants cancellation.

"and bro its part of deal…"

Hello every one,
The same thing happened to me also. I reported to the customer support and got ticket. for 5$ gig I almost done $50 work, but same negative review tread. I cancel the order by myself. I am just wondering what the customer support will do against them.

Customer Support does not tell you the results of an investigation into another user. Since you cancelled, the person got a refund and that’s the end of it. Fiverr CS will decide what else to do and if they need information from you, they will contact you.