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Report the Seller

Order is completed 1 month ago … Can I report the Seller after 1 month of completing Order… Actually I want to ask what is exact time limit of reporting the seller?

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Why do you need to report the seller?

What was the service rendered?


Seller didn’t deliver the complete Work

And why did it take a month for you to notice that?

What type of work?

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Design related Work… and I was busy

Feel free to contact Customer Support and plead your case.

Technically there’s no limit to when you can report fraud on the website.

But seems like there’s more to this story, and it’s best if you save it for the customer support agents.


Sure thank you for support

Have you tried contacting the seller and asking for the rest of the work? It could have been an honest mistake (they didn’t see that something didn’t go through, for example; those things happen) or a misunderstanding, and since you said nothing for a whole month, the seller probably thinks that everything is fine.

For future reference, please always check whether the work you’ve received is completed. Disappearing for a month after the work is delivered and not checking it is not a good business practice. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if a buyer did that to you, either.


@luqmanstudio You may want to remove all your links reffering to behance from your Gigs prior to contacting CS.

Neither nor behance are not approved URLs that can be used in Gig´s description.