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Report this buyer request


I am seeing this in the buyer request section.

The buyer is not requesting anything, he is just posting an android app. It is very likely it is a malicious app.


Spammers :angry: :angry:


Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if the attached file had a virus in it. For now, the best thing that can be done is for us to ignore them. From what I understand, a lot of discussion has already happened in the past about having a flag/report button in the BR section, especially for BRs like the one the OP has posted. In fact, there was/is even a poll on it. Hopefully, Fiverr brings that feature to life in the next update or whenever possible. :pray:


I didnt see this, but it does beg the question, if a buyer uploads a script or something does Fiverr have facility to scan these items before they go live on the BR page?



I really don’t know is Fiverr previously checks files before buyers upload them but you can run buyer’s file through your anti virus and ALWAYS use common sense & intuition :wink:


good point well made thanks:grinning:


Obvious Trojan to take control of your phone. The individual even ask you to give root access to the trojan. That’s not a mere spam, it is a malicious file that should be removed asap. Some time ago, I received a document to give a quote, and it had a macro virus inside. Of course, I caught it, as I work in a high security environment (you must when you have customers documents that may contain sensitive data or just for privacy protection). I reported the user of course. But took at least 24 hours before they were banned from Fiverr, so I wonder how many got infected.