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Reportable when seller quotes higher price for options described in gig?

I contacted a seller for a coloured landscape. Their landscape gig has colour with a green checkmark at the Basic tier. But their response when contacted was to say that only line art was available at Basic, and colour was Standard or Premium and that they hadn’t updated the gig yet.

Next day, the gig is still not updated; color shows as available at Basic. I don’t know if it takes a long time for changes to a gig to be approved or not.

Either way, this feels a little Bait & Switch. Is it reportable?


I’m aware that if a seller’s deliveries do not match the quality showcased in their samples/images/video, then that is indeed valid reason to be reported and potentially receive warning/suspension/termination of the account if deemed egregious enough.

Reporting a seller for wanting more money for something displayed and stated as being cheaper, but not actually having an active order with them is not as clear cut. Sellers can update their gigs and prices at any time, and the person you contacted may legitimately be in the middle of an adjustment.


I suggest that you didn’t reported this seller.
Not because I’m defending the seller, but sometimes we seller are afraid of changing our gig details cause changing something on our gig can have an impact on the gig ranking placement.

As long as you can reach the seller first and the seller explain it clearly, I think it’s fair for both of you to get everything according to your agreement.

But how then if the someone else buying the gig and hoping for color without communicating with the seller first?
If that is happened, it’s seller responsibility to deliver it with color cause it is stated on their gig.
If the seller didn’t deliver the color version like what they said on the gig, then you can open the dispute Ticket.

If this happened so many times, seller will change it by himself.
That is what I think.