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Reported 2 Years Back by Buyer because i refused to continue the work

hi is there anyone get problem like mine, here the thing. i work for someone 2 years back. everything good, and he gave me 5 stars , twice actually, he ask me to build web information system. and i already done it, finally for the next phase, i have been realized that their bussiness process actually ponzee (you know ponzee, some money game that fool everyone arround with trash ebook and its illegal), he used paystack as basic payment system and even the paystack already reject his website, because its illegal. so i decided to step aside. i also offer him 100% money back, but he dont want it, he want me to finnish the system.

in this case i get dificult option, if i continue his work, its illegal. if not, he report me to fiverr customer care (and this aready 2 years back, i believe another seller dont want continue illegal system ) . is there any suggestion about this, because he threaten me to report to fiverr customer care. or did anybody have same issue like me, please share… thanks in advance.


It goes against Fiverr ToS and likely whatever country the jurisdiction is to provide an illegal service. If you have any proof that this buyer is involved in a financial scheme, provide it to CS while also mentioning that the buyer is also attempting to threaten you into working further for them.

If you knew that it was a scam earlier on, it would have been best to have never worked for them in the first place.


for first phase, its only a webs system that provide sell ebook. off course i agree i thought itw work like google newsfeed or any magazine seller website. so when you referred someone to come and buy to those website you got a bonus, like you who promote fiverr on web you got a bonus right. when its come to develop the payment system, with paystack integration, the paystack reject it because its seem like scheme (i still have the conversation, thanks god i still saved it, its been 2 years ago).

on that moment i decide to step aside, because what i have been developed actually will used against the law. i also offer him full refund, even fiverr cut 20%, i gonna refund it all in 100% full.

but usually fiverr only buyer centric, is that so how can i do that ? sorry i never have this experience before, my other client are happy and gave me 5 stars.