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Reported a Buyer

I reported a buyer because I was suspicious. They sent me a link, and I trusted it, as no other buyer has scammed me before. When I clicked it, it made me sign in my google account. Then, google notifies me, saying that my account has been opened in another country, somewhere I have never been and would never have any reason to go to. I check this person out, and they lied saying they have a HUGE following and I’m not the first buyer they’ve worked with, but they have zero orders and only made an account very recently. I reported them, and was wondering how I’d know if Fiverr blocked them, as I had to click other for my reason and then explained it.


Hi Amelia,

For sure Fiverr will block him…

I would suggest that you:
Change your Fiverr Account login and security details immediately.
Change your google account password (enable 2 step verification too)
And if possible reinstall your operating system.

I was too hacked… the guy gained access to my whole computer and stole my personal data. The mistake I committed was to take the issue lightly. Fiverr did block him but I wonder does it matter? cause I lost all my data.

Hope this helps


Thank you! That really helps.

I agree with @raichandmk about changing your password. I know people that were hacked in an attempt to steal crypto and other things. Be careful.

Well you technically did…

Why would you sign your account into something unrelated to your order and a clear ToS violation?

If I sent you a link now you would open and sign into just because?

Fiverr probably isn’t going to sympathize with you breaking their rules and voluntarily compromising my your personal account. You did it.

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I’m sorry, I feel you’ve misunderstood. I’m not stupid, so please don’t speak to me like I’m a child. I assumed that I needed to sign in to use the website, as it is for many other websites. You can’t just get on Fiverr and buy or sell without an account, so I gave the buyer the benefit of the doubt because that’s the right thing to do. It didn’t seem suspicious until my account was hacked. It wasn’t unrelated to the order, as I was told it would take me to something they wanted something similar (I sell stories, and I’ve had plenty of people provide me examples of what they’d like to see.) I wouldn’t open a link you sent me, as you aren’t buying from me. I didn’t violate anything and I didn’t break any rules.

Exactly… Is signing into an account required for your order? No. Did the buyer say you needed to access gated content? No.

You just assumed, breaking the ToS to do it.

I never said you had ill intentions in doing this. I’m saying it is clearly a scam if you think critically. But you’re still justifying your actions.

I don’t see the point in complaining here if you are just going to justify your lack of critical thinking that led to this mess.

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Ms Social can be direct to the point of being blunt, as can I. She means well tho and has a very fair point.

You already know that you let this happen by being trusting which is a kind of blindness. But one you can overcome. Snapping at the person helping you most is not going to help you do that.

Unless you need to log into someone’s WordPress or the like to build their page, there is NO situation in which a legitimate client could or would ask you to sign or log into some account to see something. If you need to see it they need to supply it in PDF or a similar open/safe format (technically even .doc files can be suspicious in some circumstances). Never chose client’s assets around the world/internet. they supply then as they buy the gig or eff off. Blunt as that. You should have made use of the Forms as you set up your Gig to assure that.

I get you probably didn’t mean to break TOS rules but technically you did. So it is better to know so you don’t end up doing it again and getting banned from Fiverr. Being advised of this is a kindness not an insult. Please treat it as such - even if it stings.

People who tell you the truth can be upsetting but they are a gift not a curse.



Thank you both. I was just really shaken and lashed out. I’m really sorry. Thanks for the advice!

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Just because :point_down:

It was automatic? (it can happen if you are already signed into your gmail account. Tip: Open links in a different browser other than the one that is used to login to gmail account)

Or seller?

No need to do this.

First of all,
Check your last account activity
You can see your sign-in history, including the dates and times that your Gmail account was used. You can also see the IP addresses which were used to access your account.

  1. On your browser, open Gmail.
  2. In the bottom right, click Details .
  3. Carefully go through the ip addresses mentioned in the window along with the date, time and location.

Just do a Security Checkup of your gmail account.

Good Luck!!

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Thanks for sharing. Now we will try to beware of this kind of buyer