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Reported buyer impacting my response rate

I reported a “buyer” that was trying to sell me something. A few hours later my response rate has dropped. The nearest I can tell it’s because I didn’t type a response, I just went straight to reporting them. Fiverr specifically says that reporting counts as responding. So I’m confused as to why my response rate dropped.

Yeah, they say that reporting counts as a response but I always noticed not responding to spam with a “message” makes my response rate drop so I always tend to reply “don’t spam” then I report the message.

Ok, thank you. Nice to know I’m not the only one.

Don’t worry about it, response rate is bugged beyond redemption, so is the report feature in the inbox, they go hand in hand, until Fiverr can employ a coder or two that can actually fix it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I send a short answer to spam first then I report it. Solves the problem.

I had a seller (new) who wrote to me offering an Easter card for $5. I wrote back telling her not to spam, and she wrote back saying it wasn’t spam. So I reported her. The issues I had–which I didn’t bother to tell them about (I note they still haven’t made a single sale):

a) It was not Easter in my country
b) your card was a free template from a vector site
c) you argued with me that it wasn’t spam against Fiverr’s rules but a nice gesture (for $5)

LOL. What an idiot.

She was wrong on so many levels.

I love it when the spammers argue with me after I am being kind and not reporting them. I hit that report button with glee!( but then it’s back again in my inbox the next morning–double spam two for price of one :frowning: )

So I actually just had a discussion with my personal CS rep (you get those as a TRS), and she told me that the response rating only registers the first message you respond in the inbox and on the order page. Also, they calculate those responses within 24 hour periods.

For example, say ‘Eddie’ sends you a message at 12-am, the countdown begins from that moment until you send your FIRST reply. After that, your response isn’t rated.

Similarly, when someone buys your gig the countdown begins from the moment the buyer sends her reply to your instructions and stops the moment you respond on the order page.

So it isn’t necessary to respond to every SINGLE message that you get–only the initial response.

I wouldn’t bother worrying about it…

I have been trying for weeks now to show Fiverr that there is a problem and I have included accurate and valid data to back these claims up.

They finally admitted it. Oh and guess what, apparently there is a 48hr delay in the updating of the response rate. Go figure, we get set targets to reply within 24hrs and the system will only update after 48hrs.

That is not the issue though. The actual response rate does not work and furthermore if you reply to a NEW message and then delete, the system nor Fiverr staff are able to see this data. So you can argue until you’re blue in the face about the amount of NEW messages you have received and and responded too and they will just flat out deny it as they can’t see that data.

I have been told expressly it is only a visual aid and serves no purpose in rankings/sales - So i would just forget this useless stat.

still waiting for back rub