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Reported cloned gig, now mine is out from the search results listing

Hello Community,

quick question because i don’t know honestly where my problem is.

Until recently my main (and the only successful gig) was available for search. I am doing every now and then checks to see the ranking in the test results page and the competition. Recently i found a gig that was ~90% cloning mine and reported it accordingly. Now i can’t see my gig in the search results anywhere (neither the clone one). Is this something some of you been facing as well? thank you.

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Have similiar problem cant find my gig by search engine but can easly find it when i use ‘‘online’’ or ‘‘local sellers’’

Was looking on forum all day long and found that 2 guys had the same problem and after 2/4 months they were back on the 1st page i think nothing u can do with that and its just gig rotation algorithm
Did u have any order cancel or bad response?

Thank you for your insight

“order cancel” - None recently, last one happened in 2020, several months ago

“bad response” - None at all, all the finished orders are marked as 5 Stars

The online / local sellers thing is not working in my case. go here and check is your gig status is active

it appears live in the gig section although the clicks, impression graph is down to 0 approx since i’ve filled that cloned gig ticket

Thats weird u need to email support but i dont think that they will help much but yea come here with their response i wonder why something like that happend

i will. thanks for helping.