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Reported seller that copied images from top rated sellers

Hey everyone,

So today, I saw this seller under the “new arrival” categories, that had all his images the exact same as a few the top rated sellers on the first page! Well, I double checked, and indeed he had copied all his images from top rated sellers! I acted upon this and reported it. After having a chat to him, he claimed that he was a new seller and didn’t really know about this, I believe that’s a lie. but he seemed like a nice guy!?. I’m not sure, I feel a bit guilty but at the same time this guy was violating the terms and conditions. Do you guys think I did the right thing?



You did absolutely right thing.

He didn’t know that he stole images? He didn’t know that he didn’t do those images himself? Then what, those images just magically appear on his gig and he was surprised to see that instead of his images there is images of top rated sellers?
That is complete BS. He knew that he was stealing someone else’s work hoping that will bring him orders. I have no respect and sympathy to people like that. They should be reported and blocked right away.


Yeah, I agree, plus he had already gotten a few favourites as the covers were really top-notch, created by top sellers on the front page!! I just wanted a bit of reconfirmation. Thanks

Wow, just caught another person doing this!!! In messages, he is saying “my friend is an seo expert”, so he’s saying he is friends with a high rated seller, therefore copying it!!!