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Reporting A Buyer!

Still new to fiverr and looking for help…

I was approached by a buyer this AM about helping him create an account on a website, which I thought, yeah sure thats easier.
And then we went on saying he needs to use MY information.
He was trying to buy my address, full name, and a picture of me…
Which I know is illegal, and I couldn’t figure out myself how to report this action, as I am sure it against not only the law, but as well as the Terms and Conditions…
I don’t want someone accidentally buying into his story about how he won’t use it against them or anything like that…

Any suggestions help,

You can click on the report icon on one of the messages he sent you. You could then select something like “Other” and enter a reason.

Or create a support ticket if preferred.


That’s incredibly creepy. Yes report him to customer support.


Thank you,
I have no idea how I didn’t notice the report button at first haha.
Simple overlook,
Thanks so much for your help


Right? I wanted to help him at first cause he made it seem like he just needed help creating an account on another site, and I was like, sure why not. And then he got more in depth and I was like yeah… No. And he was trying his hardest to persuade me to do so, and I was like, I hope you know I have declined this offer multiple times now, no amount of money will I change my mind, and I hope you know this is highly illegal.
Then he shut up lol.

Reported that user, and just got someone else messaging me under a different username, saying the exact same thing, same story… This is ridiculous.


This makes me wonder if there is a group of people trying to scam us?

It’s great that you are reporting this to us.

What a strange world we are living in!

Good luck to you by the way!

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I had messages from another Fiverr seller a couple of days ago who wanted to confirm his [ad account] from my address and he asked to “tell me the pin you receive from google on your address”.